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How an Event Rental Company Can Help with Your Next Gathering

October 19, 2020

Working with an event rental company – one that has a vast inventory of furniture, décor and accessories to rent – makes sense for several reasons.

Planning an event is no simple task, and whether you’re in charge of a corporate fundraiser, wedding reception, business conference or any other type of gathering, you may be feeling the stress. The right rental company can make your life easier, without costing you an arm and a leg. Here’s how.

Get Everything You Need Under One Roof

Renting equipment from multiple websites or businesses often means paying a higher price – and the process of scouting around for the perfect furnishings, fixtures and decorations can take you a significant amount of time. Why look for each item you need separately when you can get it all at an event rental company?

Gain Access to Expert Planning Assistance

Some event rental companies – including In the Event – offer the assistance of a professional planner at no extra cost when you rent any of their furniture, décor or accessories. Take advantage of their help, and you’ll have an easier time making sure your guests leave your gathering with a good impression of the experience.

Simplify the Execution of Your Event

Deciding how to set up a venue can be quite difficult, and event rental equipment can be both fragile and difficult to maneuver into place. But if you work with the right rental company, you won’t have any worries about the logistics. From designing the space and transporting the gear to setting everything up and hauling it all away after the gathering, you’ll have experts handling the production of your event.

Look Out for the Safety of Your Guests

During the coronavirus pandemic and beyond, event safety will always be a crucial concern. You’ll need to take the necessary precautions – which include providing hand sanitizer, ensuring that guests and staff have personal protective equipment and developing strategies to encourage social distancing. With the right event rental company, you’ll have expert help with all of this.

In the Event, a full-service event design, production and equipment rental company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has decades of experience planning events across the country. Our expert team understands how to create wow-worthy social and business gatherings, and we know the necessary steps to take to ensure the safety of your guests.

For answers to your questions about the services our event rental company offers, or to browse or broad selection of rental furniture, décor and accessories, visit our website or contact our office today.

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