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High-End Mannequin Rentals in Salt Lake City

September 25, 2019

Are you in charge of finding high-end mannequin rentals for your Salt Lake City area event?

Deciding on the right types of mannequins to meet your event needs and choosing a reputable supplier are no easy tasks. Here, the professional team at In the Event shares their best tips on renting high-end mannequins in Salt Lake City.

Mannequin Rentals for Events

The type of Salt Lake City event you are planning may dictate the type of high-end mannequin rentals you need to find.

Full-body forms are often the ideal choice for fashion shows, clothing line launches and pop-up shops featuring apparel. They also make sense for charity events involving auctions of vintage or custom clothes.

Depending upon the type of apparel you need to display, however, torso mannequins may work well. For instance, if all you plan to auction off is a collection of smoking jackets, placing them on torso forms might be better than using pantless full-body forms.

For a trade show, convention, charity event or apparel product launch featuring hats, wigs, hair accessories or glasses, renting mannequin heads can be a wise decision. They may also suit your needs if you plan to display jewelry at your event.

It goes without saying that these are not the only reasons for renting mannequins. But the point is, considering the type of event can help you narrow down your options.

High-End Mannequin Rental Options

We already mentioned full-body forms, torso forms and mannequin heads, but choosing between them is not your only task – you have other options to consider.

Full-body forms come in several styles. The choices include:

  • White, polished white or chrome
  • Male or female
  • Headless or with heads

A range of torso forms are also available, including:

  • Male standing or hanging
  • Female standing or hanging
  • Child standing

There is also a range of options for mannequin heads:

  • Male
  • Female
  • Faceless
  • Glass

Choosing a Mannequin Rental Company

Regardless of where you plan to hold your event, renting mannequins from a local company is in your best interests. Sure, you could rent the forms you need online and have them shipped — but do you really have the time to wait for them to arrive and inspect them to make sure none have suffered damage in transit?

For high-end mannequin rentals from a reputable northern Utah supplier, turn to In the Event.

A leading full-service event design company based in Salt Lake City, In the Event has an extensive selection of carefully maintained forms suitable for display. Our mannequins have seen use in some of the biggest trade shows, conventions and product launches in the northern Utah area – so when you choose us, you can count on getting high-quality products. Plus, when you rent any event furnishings from us, you gain the services of a professional event planner free of charge.

In the Event can make your Salt Lake City event a resounding success. Visit our website or contact us to explore our vast inventory of high-end mannequin rentals today.

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