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Games & Interactive Displays to Make Your Event Special

November 1, 2019

Including a game or interactive display can set your event apart and make it more memorable. Your invited guests will have more fun, which leads them to have positive feelings about the experience.

Going interactive with the entertainment can help ensure your event is a resounding success. Here are some of our favorite games and interactive displays for getting guests involved.

LED Darts and LED Ping Pong

Games that glow in a spectrum of colors are definite attention-getters. Rent LED dart cabinets or LED ping pong tables, and set up a tournament, complete with prizes. Or, simply allow your guests to enjoy the games at will. Either way, the entertainment is sure to please.

Oversized Classic Party Games

Who doesn’t love Connect 4 and Jenga? Rent oversize games for your event, and your guests will be vying for a turn to play. A wooden limbo set is another memorable option – get a conga line started, and everyone can get in on the fun!

Competitive Game Show

A customized game show is a great way to get your guests engaged. Come up with trivia-style multiple choice or true/false questions about your company, organization or the event, and rent game show buzzers to turn it into a real competition. No matter who wins, all of your attendees will enjoy themselves.

Aromatherapy Oxygen Bar

Many people don’t ever get the chance to try an oxygen bar, and the experience can be quite a lot of fun. If you rent an oxygen bar and provide a selection of aromatherapy scents, your event will stand out in a positive way. Your guests will relish the opportunity to breathe the pure, infused oxygen – and if you rent an LED oxygen bar, the interactive display will add to your event décor.

Photo Shoot Station

You want your attendees to give your event a shout out on social media, right? Get the gear to set up a photo shoot station – rent a picture frame photo prop, a backdrop and a studio light – and your guests will have a blast posing for pictures. With this interactive display, you can count on building event awareness on every social media platform.

Whether you’re hosting a product launch, corporate gathering, non-profit gala, social affair or any other type of event, enhancing your guest experience is a smart move. For a wide range of games and interactive displays to rent, turn to In the Event.

A leading event design and production company based in northern Utah, In the Event works with clients across the country. And if you rent any of the games or displays in our inventory, you will secure the services of our professional event planners at no additional cost.

For more information, or to browse our vast selection of games and interactive displays to rent, visit our website or contact us today.

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