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For A/V Equipment, an Event Rental Company Is Your Best Source

August 7, 2020

Microphones, speakers, HD monitors, LED lighting – an event rental company can provide you with all of the A/V equipment you need for your next event. But if your venue has an in-house A/V provider, shouldn’t you get your gear from them instead?

Actually, going that route comes with several drawbacks. Whether you’re planning a business meeting, corporate conference, trade show exhibit or any other type of high-profile gathering, turning to a trusted event rental company simply makes sense. Here’s why.

Advanced A/V Equipment

In-house A/V teams often don’t have the latest equipment in their inventory. If you’re looking for anything beyond a basic sound and visual system, they’ll have to get it from an outside provider.

Event rental companies, on the other hand, offer an extensive assortment of high-tech products. You’ll find state-of-the-art equipment that meets your needs and makes your event exceptional.

Smart A/V Solutions

The setup of your A/V equipment matters, and a professional arrangement is essential for creating a unique guest experience. An in-house A/V provider has the advantage of more familiarity with the venue, but that may also lead them to take a one-size-fits-all approach to audiovisual design.

With an event rental company, that isn’t the case. Their specialists can help you find the exact equipment to best meet your needs and work with you on planning the ideal A/V setup.

Skilled A/V Technicians

You certainly don’t want any technical difficulties derailing your event, and that could easily happen if you rely on the in-house A/V team at your venue. There’s no guarantee that their technicians have the skill to ensure everything goes smoothly.

In contrast, event rental companies typically have a team of highly experienced audiovisual technicians. With experts on the job, you’ll have no worries about A/V equipment malfunctions.

Event Planning Assistance

Using the services of the in-house A/V team may be convenient. But getting your equipment from a full-service event rental and production company – like In the Event — can be much more practical.

In addition to audiovisual equipment, full-service companies have all of the furniture and décor you may need. Furthermore, you can expect expert assistance with event planning and production. We offer that at no extra charge with the rental of anything from our vast inventory – and our professional event planners have what it takes to make your gathering a great success.

In the Event, based in Salt Lake City, has been working with clients throughout Utah and across the country for more than a decade. For more details on the A/V equipment we have available or the services our event rental company offers, visit our website or contact our office today.

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