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We always have a certified lighting technician who can program any of our lighting features. Whether it’s a laser show or moving mood lighting, our technician can always accommodate your lighting needs.

This is a fair question but not one that we can honestly give a flat answer to. This question offers us the opportunity to ask more questions (when is your event, where is your event, what is your vision, how do you see the event unfolding and who’s coming to your event, etc…) to see if there are other areas in which we can sell our products. Most people who are new clients or coming to us off the web don’t know all of the services we have to offer for their event. A lot of people don’t know all the answers and it’s up to us to help them fully understand what we have to offer and to help them navigate the planning phase to a successful event. It turns out that “What you don’t know can hurt you” in the end. We are event professionals offering services beyond just rentals.

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