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Event Planning Timeline: Elements to Include

January 25, 2022

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basic tenets of a timeline for your event planning needs. Setting up a quality timeline for such planning allows you to ensure you’ve covered all your bases, plus that you’re meeting deadlines on-time for any required needs.

At In The Event, we’re proud to assist with a huge range of event planning services, from birthday parties and small events to corporate events, digital events and many others. While part one of our series went over the importance of a quality timeline, today’s part two will dig into some timeline elements we recommend including based on how far out you are from the event (and moving forward).

6-12 Months Out

To be clear, not all events will require planning this far out. For larger and more complex events, however, it can be a great idea to have more time on your side. Here are some basic themes to consider:

  • For corporate events or similar types, identify a team or group that will lead the planning process. This is vital to dispersing the workload and ensuring multiple people are on-board with your vision.
  • Set the event date and other basic parameters.
  • Develop initial invite lists, program types and registration systems that will be used.
  • Begin planning for vendors and other external event planning professionals.

3-6 Months Out

  • Send out save-the-date notifications to any planned guests.
  • Finalize vendors, including photographers, caterers, bands and more.
  • Begin encouraging early leads to register for the event.
  • Set up a registration system that will be used on-event day.
  • Confirm VIPs, speakers, special guests and other important attendees.
  • Start running through the schedule for the event and begin filling it in with activities or events as needed.
  • Begin producing invitations, marketing materials and other promotional materials required to get the word out about your event.

1-3 Months Out

  • Once RSVPs are received, finalize guest and VIP lists, seating charts and other needs necessary to finalize the event schedule.
  • Begin sorting through vendor needs in order to ensure a smooth event day.
  • Confirm support from your team or committee that will be working on the event when it takes place.
  • Set up an information booth for event-day registration if needed.
  • Send final emails or mailouts to guests and attendees.

1 Week Out

  • Confirm transportation for speakers, VIPs and other special guests.
  • Finalize catering information, entertainment needs and other last-minute needs.

Day of Event

  • Arrive early to set up materials and to ensure everything is in place for your event.
  • Act as the point-person throughout the day, especially if you need to speak with vendors or other professionals involved.
  • Provide direction to vendors at their designated areas.
  • Stay on top of things until the last guest has left your event, including speaking with catering and other vendors to close up.

That covers the general timeline! To learn more about any specific elements herein, or for information on any of our event planning or event rental services, speak to the staff at In The Event today.

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