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Empowering Your Brand With Custom Event Design

November 7, 2016

This post is the third in a four-part about our most recent event for our clients at STIHL. Keep an eye out each week for more about our event production, technology, and partnerships that are making Utah the place to be for events. 

In The Event™ | QuoteThe power of a brand is everything to the success of the modern company. Whether you’re a local artisan or a billion-dollar corporation, the strength of your brand will determine anything from customer loyalty to your visibility in saturated online platforms. Creating brand power is no easy feat, and comes with the challenge of adapting to a diverse audience in an age of individuality. Empowering your brand is crucial to surviving the increasingly competitive modern market.

So how do you create a strong brand that’s ready to conquer your target audience? Though some may direct you towards your digital marketing department, the online sphere often lacks the personal connection required to solidify the bond between customer and provider. The power of human connection and will always outweigh a clever tweet or post. Though your online marketing efforts are still important in crafting a powerful brand, it’s important to consider the road less traveled: live events. Time and time again, businesses report higher audience engagement and loyalty when they dedicate time and effort to hosting a successful event.

In The Event™ | QuoteFor our most recent production with STIHL we were faced with a unique challenge, as the purpose of the conference was to highlight their shift from gas to electric tools. Reinventing how a company is perceived as a brand is always a challenge to businesses big and small, requiring a seamless transition in order to keep a consistent and solid presence. Fortunately, enhancing a company’s brand is our specialty.

One of our go-to solutions for branding an event is to implement basic elements of a company’s brand into multiple aspects of decor. From graphics on our LED mods to the color we lit up the stage, we were able to reinforce brand power without overwhelming the design. The second step to encouraging brand development at an event is to craft the perfect atmosphere. STIHL is a company focused on power, and they wanted to make sure that their attendees left with that association. In designing the event, we considered how to best incorporate aspects of decor that represented both the shift to electric tools, as well as the level of power and ability that users have come to expect from STIHL power tools. To accomplish this goal, we brought in Tesla coils, which helped to create an atmosphere that was literally electrifying for everyone in attendance. 

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Event professionals can do more than you think when it comes to branding your event. The power of a well-executed event itself is enough to leave your attendees with a good feeling about your company’s brand. Here at In The Event™, we’re committed to taking your company presence to the next level with custom design and years of experience. We’ve been working with audiences for over 9 years and have learned the best practices for creating a unique and innovative event that will leave you with a more loyal and engaged target audience.


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