What Can I do to Keep my Event Safe?


Keep it Small: Try to limit the number of attendees at any one time. Disinfect frequently touched surfaces between groups. Have high-risk attendees arrive first and reserve a time just for them.

Provide PPE: Provide hand sanitizer at entrances and exits. Have staff and guests wear face coverings when interacting within six feet of one another.

Social Distance: Make sure that groups maintain a six or more feet. Encourage electronic tickets or playbills in place of paper. Advocate for contactless payment when applicable.

Go Digital: Broadcasting or live-streaming is a great option for large events where other safety measures are not available. This is also a great option for events where many attendees are high-risk.

What Safety Products or Service Does In The Event Offer?


Digital and Recording Studio: In The Event is home to a professional in-house streaming and and recording studio. Run by a small staff of experienced technicians, this is a safe and professional way to record or stream for your event. In The Event also offers editing options, content creation, branded staging and custom backdrops.

PPE/Social Distancing Installations: We have expanded our inventory to include a range of Personal Protective Equipment for rent as well as installations to encourage social distancing. This new inventory includes acrylic sneeze guards, floor clings, and custom signage. Additionally we offer various styles of rope and stanchions to help further direct attendees.

What is In The Event Doing to Keeping Clients Safe?


Social Distancing: Furniture in the front lobby has been rearranged to promote appropriate social distancing practices. Additionally, some seating has been removed from the conference room to allow for social distancing during meetings of small groups.

PPE & Supplies: All clients and employees are required to wear a face mask upon entering the building. Disposable masks will be available at the front desk upon arrival. Any items ( pens, paper, water bottles, etc. ) provided to the clients may leave with the client, or will be disposed of immediately following the meeting.

Disinfecting Frequently Touched Surfaces: All doors, furniture, and tables in the lobby waiting area are disinfected every morning and after each client. The conference room and meeting areas are disinfected immediately before and after each client visit.

How is In The Event Keeping their Employees Safe?


Social Distancing: Desks and workspaces have been separated to allow for social distancing. Some seating has been removed from the break room and employees are able to eat their lunch at their desks or outside if preferred.

PPE & Supplies: All employees have been provided two washable cloth face masks, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes. Latex gloves are available for those who choose to wear them and latex gloves are required PPE for employees leaving the office.

Disinfecting Frequently Touched Surfaces: Our conference room, bathrooms, doors and trucks are all disinfected thoroughly after each use. All light switches are disinfected twice daily. The break room and appliances are disinfected every morning and afternoon. Employees are required to wipe down their personal areas upon arrival and prior to leaving the office.

Additional Questions About How to Hold A Safe Event?

Visit the Utah Coronavirus Website for Official Safety Outlines.