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Contacting Event Rental Company: Service Area and Rental Options

February 4, 2022

There are several major parts of planning an upcoming event that you might be thinking about, and for those utilizing them, coordinating with an event rental company is near the top of any such list. Having everything laid out in advance for your event rentals and their placement will make many other parts of the planning process easier — as such, it pays to be prepared when you first contact such experts to get the ball rolling.

At In The Event, we’re happy to offer a huge range of event rentals, from event furniture to event lighting, audio/visual, drape and wall decor, and numerous additional areas. On top of this, we offer the best event planning services in Utah, working with a variety of clients to meet their every need and help them pull off the best event possible. When you’re first reaching out to an event rental company to begin coordinating in this area, what are some of the top themes to be prepared on — and to ask about? Here’s a rundown in this two-part blog series.

Service Area

First and foremost, before moving any further, you should confirm with your chosen event rental company that they provide services in your local area, or where you’re planning the upcoming event. This is one of the first, most important parts of all — you don’t want to end up reaching out to a company that doesn’t work with your city!

If they do provide services in your general area, make sure they are willing to travel at least 20 miles or so to your site, if not more. If they are able to do this, you’re off to a good start. Just make sure that you verify with them how close their service area is — 25 miles might seem like it’s pretty far away at first glance, but with modern rental equipment, it can be done in most case.

Rental Options

Next up, naturally, you’ll want to have a specific idea of which items you need to rent, plus what you’re going to need for the event. Rental options for modern events can cover basically any area you might require, from tables and chairs through event lighting, A/V equipment rentals, drape and wall decor, dance floors, and even event tents or party canopies.

You’ll want to reach out to your rental partner early to confirm that the items you need are available — and make sure you can get them for the date and time that you need, too!

For more on the important areas you should be thinking about when you get in touch with an event rental company to begin planning your rental needs, or to learn about any of our rental options or event planning services, speak to the team at In The Event today.

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