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Contacting Event Rental Company: Budget, Themes and Details

February 22, 2022

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the important considerations to have on your mind when you first reach out to an event rental company for an upcoming event. Knowing your basic needs and being prepared ahead of time for this call can make the process easier on both parties, ensuring your event goes off without a hitch.

At In The Event, we’re happy to offer both event rentals and event planning services for everything from corporate events to holiday parties, birthday parties and even virtual events. What are some of the other important details we recommend clients have in order when they call us to inquire about our event rental options? Here’s a rundown.

Your Budget

When you get on the phone with our team of event rental specialists, you should have at least a general idea of what you can spend on all of your event rentals — and you should be prepared to discuss the specifics with them if they ask. Budgets for event rentals can vary incredibly widely based on need; some events require a whole host of rentals, from tables and chairs to stage sets, while others require essentially nothing beyond a single chair.

In The Event offers flexible rates to make sure all of our clients can receive the best possible deals on their rentals. However, it’s important to have a sense of where you’re at financially before making that first call, as we’ll definitely need this information eventually if you want a clear estimate of what’s available to you.

Colors and Design Themes

Another area you should already have given some consideration to before inquiring about event rentals is what design themes you want on the rentals themselves — and more specifically, what colors you’d like to use. Almost all of our rental products can be customized with your preferred color palette, giving you complete control over how everything looks when it’s put together.

And while our team can certainly assist you with certain recommendations in terms of color palettes and combinations, we generally recommend that event coordinators themselves formulate the initial plan for this on their own, so it can’t be said enough that advanced planning is important in most cases. And if you need any kind of custom or personalized design, asking about this well in advance is necessary.

Insurance Coverage, Damage and Return Program

Finally, you should be prepared to confirm a few basic details with your event rental company for once items have been rented out. For instance, ask about insurance coverage and damage protection, which will typically include standard wear and tear coverage.

In addition, be sure you’re fully aware of when items must be returned to your partner by, plus who is responsible for return shipping costs, if any. For your convenience, In The Event offers a simple and straightforward rental program that includes all of these benefits and more.

For more on the areas to be thinking about when you contact an event rental company to prep for an upcoming event need, or to learn about any of our event rentals or planning services, speak to the team at In The Event today.

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