Choosing Ideal Beverages for a Corporate Event

choosing beverages corporate event

Choosing Ideal Beverages for a Corporate Event

There are several themes you might be thinking about if you’re involved in planning an upcoming corporate or business event, and one of these is beverage selection. Having the right drinks often helps top off a great event, while choosing the wrong ones – or having no beverages at all when people expect them – can lead to the opposite effect.

At In The Event, we’re happy to assist with every stage of your corporate event planning or any other type of event planning solution you might require – and we offer comprehensive event rentals as well. We’ve lent a hand to many clients wondering about beverages and related parts of their event; here are some tips on how to decide which beverages to serve, plus how to work your choices into your budget and more.

Alcohol or No Alcohol?

One of the first big choices you’ll have, especially in a place like Utah with its restrictive alcohol laws, is whether you want to serve alcoholic beverages at your event. It’s important to consider the type of crowd, their age range, and any other factors that play a role in determining whether alcohol should be allowed or not.

If allowing alcohol is an option, one of the key elements to consider is ensuring you have the right permits or licenses to do so. You’ll also need to be proactive about providing non-alcoholic beverages and make sure everyone has options no matter what they choose – and of course, you should always have designated drivers or other transportation arrangements in place for those who have consumed alcohol.

Beverages to Complement Food

As you begin selecting specific beverages, it’s useful to think about which drinks might pair well with the food you’re providing. For instance, if you’re serving a lot of Mexican cuisine, then margaritas and other cocktails could be great choices. If there are lighter appetizers or salads on the menu, then consider offering some unique beers or wines that would fit in nicely.

This goes not only for alcohol, but also for non-alcoholic drinks. Some great options for these include coffee or tea, flavored sodas, and specialty waters. You could also offer signature mocktails that look and taste like classic cocktails but don’t contain any alcohol.

Choosing the Right Quantity

When it comes to how much of each beverage you should purchase for your event, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to estimate how many people will be attending and then consider the type of crowd – for instance, if it’s mainly adults and alcohol is allowed, you might need more beer than soda.

With non-alcoholic beverages, water is always a good idea as it helps attendees stay hydrated throughout the event. You should also consider providing enough of each beverage to last for at least two hours, as this is a good estimate for how long most corporate events will run.

Serving Method

Another important consideration is how you’ll be serving the beverages. If it’s a smaller event, then you can get away with having drinks in a cooler or dispenser that people can help themselves to. However, if it’s a larger event with more guests, then you should think about renting bar equipment and hiring professional bartenders and waitstaff to serve your beverages.

You should also think briefly about the kinds of containers that you’ll use. Glasses are often more elegant and appropriate for certain events, while plastic or paper cups may be better if it’s a more casual get-together.

Storage For Beverages

As you think about the beverages you want to serve, it’s also important to think about where they’ll be stored before and during your event. If you don’t plan on drinking all the beverages in one go, then you should consider renting a beverage refrigerator or storage cooler to keep them at their optimal temperature until the time comes for serving.

Additionally, if alcohol is allowed, you should think about where it will be kept during the event – a locked storage area can help ensure that no one consumes any beverages before they’re supposed to.

Fitting Into Your Budget

Finally, throughout this process, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. You should compare prices from different suppliers and try to get the best deals that you can – for instance, buying beverages in bulk or taking advantage of discounts when ordering certain types of drinks.

It’s also a good idea to ask for recommendations from event planners and other professionals who have experience in this area. This can help you find the right kinds of beverages to meet your goals while still fitting into your budget.

By planning ahead and taking all of these considerations into account, you’ll be able to select the perfect beverages for your corporate event – ones that both fit your budget and make it a truly memorable experience.

For more here, or to learn about any of our event planning or event rental services, speak to our team at In The Event today.

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