Branding and Customization

Unique Problems:

Custom Solutions

Some events have requirements that cannot be met with traditional furniture and decor. When this happens, we have our in-house graphic design team and builders work together to create a solution that fits for your unique event requirements. Through our years of making these custom solutions, we have developed techniques to create stunning pieces and effects perfect for branding, graphics, and signs.



Many old musicians croon about seeing their name in lights, now our custom lighting capabilities can make that a reality. Our lighting design team has created an arsenal of different lighting options to fit any event need. These options include colored LEDs, marquee signs, GOBOs, and glowing event furniture.  Our event experience has shown that beautiful custom lighting is one of the most cost effective ways to transform any space.


In The Event offers a variety of printing services from bold signs and banners, custom window clings, stand-out trade show booth displays, to innovative promotional products and more. With our printing abilities we have been able to customize things as small as poker chips, and as large as entire building wraps. We use state of the art equipment to bring you the highest quality products.


At In The Event, our staff of event engineers works closely with our team of graphic designers to create stunning custom builds. If you can imagine it, we can build it! Looking for a life-size jack-in-the-box? We have done that. Twelve foot by twelve foot wedding chandelier with succulents? We have done that too.


How long will this take?

The minimum time required varies according to size, number, and complexity of designs. GOBO’s usually take a minimum of seven days, custom printing on acrylic takes a minimum of two weeks. If you are concerned about our ability to create something custom for your event, please reach out to get a more accurate scheduling estimate.

Why bother with customization?

There are many reasons to turn to customization and branding. It adds a sense of professionalism that cannot be rivaled. It is an easy and beautiful way to create brand awareness. It is one thing to have your logo on business cards, it is completely another to have it on your stage backdrop. Customization creates an entire world of unique advertising possibilities. This is also the best option for highly specified decor. You need an LED snakeskin table? Customization is your best option.

What if I need a graphic or logo designed?

Here at In The Event we are fortunate enough to have a team of absolutely superb graphic designers. They are here to help design for your event, no matter where you are in the design process. Whether that means building something from scratch, or simply adjusting your existing design to fit specifications, our graphic designers are here to help!

How much will this cost?

The problem with customization is that the labor that goes into it is… custom. There is no easy pricing guide for these types of projects. The best way to get an accurate idea of the expense of a project is to contact us at 801.886.1144 or fill out the contact us form where an account representative respond as soon as possible.