Some say that LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’, but shouldn’t it stand for 'Let Everyone Dance'? Disco was in the air in the Hotel Monaco Paris Ballroom, and, as planned, everyone danced the night away on our LED dance floor. Stayin' alive was no...

Outdoor Retailer Convention’s winter market was held in Salt Lake City, January 22nd through the 26th. Teva shoes, an Outdoor Retailer vendor, kicked off their new shoe line with an industry party, held at Club Elevate. In The Event partnered with Events by LMG to bring event decor and entertainment for a successful event. Outside the club was a 16’ arch customized with Teva’s logo. Once inside, attendee’s walked through a hallway featuring glowing LED light display panels, Teva shoe displays, and video touch monitors. Overhead were floating spandex walls complete with a custom Teva runner. Inside, where the main event was held, attendees were surprised with a concert from 80‘s rock band, Quiet Riot. To complement the rock and roll vibe, In The Event wrapped glowing columns with graphics to look like stereos and boom boxes, featuring Teva’s new shoe line as shoes were placed atop the towers on silver poles. This event was the perfect way to showcase Teva’s amazing new products!

LED Towers

With the opening weekend of the Sundance Film Festival in full affect, Chase Bank sponsored the premier for the film Touchy Feely at The Shop Yoga Studio. In The Event helped make this a successful premier by providing fresh floral centerpieces and LED modular furniture. Our fresh floral centerpieces included two different coordinating arrangements; twelve table arrangements and three buffet arrangements. The table centerpieces were made with a base of hydrangea’s and had calla lilies and tall LED wrapped silver branches in the middle. The buffet centerpieces had clear and blue crystals at the bottom of the trough and featured floating mum’s and orchids along with our new floating LED twinkle lights! Atop the trough were silver branches that held calla lilies and orchids. For the LED modular furniture, we supplied four high boy’s and one 18’ bar. Our fresh floral centerpieces and LED furniture were a great compliment to this movie premier. film premier

With the Sundance Film Festival starting on January 17, Allianz Insurance celebrated early by throwing a movie themed party, the weekend prior, for their FMO’s (Field Marketing Organizations).  In The Event helped bring their event together by providing furniture and decor for the entrance foyer and the ballroom. The entrance foyer made a big statement with a red carpet and a tiered, marquis style tower with graphics; followed by a step and repeat photo-op.  For the attendee’s entertainment there were pool tables, one 12’ bar, and one 6’ oxygen bar. Also in the foyer was white leather lounge seating and video towers playing clips of previous FMO parties. Inside the ballroom there were two 16’ bars on either side of a black and white checkered dance floor.  The bars were complete with directors chairs customized with Allianz logo.  On the dining tables, non-floral centerpieces were themed around award winning movies.  Keeping up with the movie theme, there were movie posters placed around the room.  The event was a great way to conclude the Allianz Insurance conference!  Like us on Facebook to see more pictures from this event! film festival

For the second year in a row, In The Event contributed to the annual Champagne Party hosted at the Salt Lake Hardware Building.  The Champagne Party, held on December 29 this year, benefits Crossroads Urban Center, a nonprofit that assists low-income people in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah. In The Event provided the decor for the event, utilizing our LED highboys and bars, as well as our white leather furniture for lounge seating.  Additionally, our design team coordinated the linens and non-floral centerpieces. The table linens were ivory with an apple green overlay and gold chair ties.  Coordinating with the chair ties were gold gems in champagne glasses placed on top of our ITE LED light boxes.  Greenery vines accented both the table and buffet centerpieces.  An iron stand with branches and hanging gems served as the buffet centerpieces, atop ivory linens and a green overlay. Champagne Party