Birthday Parties

At the heart of any successful event is the right vendor to help you set the scene. In The Event™ offers exceptional event planning experience and rentals for all types of events, including birthday parties. A birthday is an annual event where you get to be the center of attention—or you get to plan a party to celebrate someone special in your life—and it should be just as important and exciting as any other event. Working with a party planner and event rental company can make your next birthday party event one to remember.

Celebrations of All Shapes and Sizes


Whether you are celebrating a big milestone like a 40th or 50th birthday, or you are just celebrating an annual event to mark the day when someone special came into the world, a birthday party is a big deal. The right atmosphere can make your next birthday party even more special by creating the right ambiance. From small, intimate gatherings of your closest friends and immediate family to large birthday bashes, In The Event™ has everything you need to make it happen.

A Simple and Streamlined Experience


We know event planning is stressful, so we work to make sure that everything about your event rental is simple. The process includes:

  • Discussion of your vision and expectations

  • Careful and detailed planning for the entire event

  • Complete description of all your party rental equipment and setup

  • Detailed information about the services we provide

  • Clear information about facility requirements (water, electricity, etc.)

  • List of additional services available for you to select if desired

  • Transparent pricing and payment terms

  • Start-to-finish schedule for the day of the event

  • Proof of insurance, licensing, and bonding as required

The Right Vendor Makes All the Difference


Sometimes it’s easy to forget how important it is to select the right vendor. After all, when you hire the right company for equipment rental and décor, you probably won’t even notice they are there—they’ll blend seamlessly into the background of your perfect birthday celebration. But you will notice the minute you hire the wrong vendor. Damaged equipment, ugly designs, late arrivals, incorrect setup, overcharges—all these things can transform a fun birthday celebration into a nightmare.


The right party planner is critical to make sure your next birthday party leaves the right impression for your guests, and especially for the guest of honor. Not only can our design consultants at In The Event™ help you conceptualize everything from big plans to little details, they can also provide recommendations for other vendors like a caterer, photographer, performers, and florists.

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