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The Best Movie Parties We Wish We’d Been Invited To

September 19, 2016

When it comes to throwing an amazing party, we all wish we had a big Hollywood budget and a huge team of costumers, prop masters, and set designers working night and day to bring our vision to life. While that fantasy may be far out of reach, we can still gain inspiration from the fabulous fetes in our favorite movies. We decided to count down six of the best movie parties that we wish we’d been invited to – and steal party planning tips from them, too!

6. The “Poise” Magazine Party in “13 Going On 30”

Although this swanky NYC magazine party started off as a bit of a “stinker,” it turned into one of the best on-screen bashes of 2004. What turned this potential flop around was the impromptu dance-along to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Once Jenna (Jennifer Garner) and hunky Matt (Mark Ruffalo) started in on the flashback dance from their childhood, we wanted to jump in along with all the other party goers. This is one of those movie parties that shows the power of a great DJ, signature drinks, and the unifying potential of catchy choreography.

Party Planning Takeaway: Go big, or go home.

If you’re throwing a party and the vibe is taking a turn for the worse, don’t hesitate to pull out a grand gesture that will get people involved, excited, and (best of all) happy that they came.


5. The Halloween Feast in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

Levitating Jack-o’-lanterns, flashes of lightning, and serving dishes overflowing with cakes and candies – what’s not to love? These days, Halloween parties are often taken over by trendy themes, but we love the traditional simplicity of this annual Hogwarts celebration. The mood is perfect and the abundance of yummy treats makes this one spooky soiree we’d love to attend. Even though the whole thing gets interrupted by a nasty troll, we’d risk loss of limb for just a few minutes at one of those lavishly laden tables.

Party Planning Takeaway: Tradition trumps novelty.

Trying out the latest party trends is fun, but you can rarely go wrong using traditional themes and decor – especially for major holidays. Amp things up by finding a new way to present an old standard (floating pumpkins) and you’ll be sure to wow partygoers both young and old.


4. The Capitol Party in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”

Declared the “party of the year” by Effie (Elizabeth Banks), this grand display is truly worthy of our favorite victors, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). All the over-the-top costumes, lighted fountains, fire breathers, and delicious-looking libations make us forget (just for a moment) the horrible circumstances that precipitated this lavish bash. And you know we’d wrangle an appointment with Effie’s hair and makeup team before making our grand entrance in the Capitol. Any party where the ostentatious hairstyles and elaborate makeup compete with the decor for attention is a spectacle worth seeing.

Party Planning Takeaway: Dressing up is half the fun.

You don’t have to be a denizen of the Capitol to go all-out with hair, makeup, and attire. Follow Effie’s cue and look fabulous no matter what the occasion. Greeting guests with a gorgeous smile and matching ensemble helps set the mood for the frivolity to come.


3. The Bridal Shower in “Bridesmaids”

Bridal showers aren’t known as the most awesome parties to attend. Usually they’re full of super cheesy innuendos to the wedding night, bad punch, and even worse hors d’oeuvres – but this bridal shower truly kicks things up a notch. From the giant sugar cookie, ridiculous chocolate fountain, wandering swans, and Eiffel Tower replica to the tiny pink berets on the puppy party favors, this pre-wedding party sets the standard for going over-the-top. No detail was too small for this party-planner, and even if the execution wasn’t so excessive, we’d have loved to attend simply to witness Annie’s (Kristen Wiig) spectacular meltdown.

Party Planning Takeaway: The devil’s in the details.

Create an event that will be remembered by paying attention to even the tiniest details. Those puppies didn’t need to wear miniature, pink berets, but the fact that they did is forever emblazoned on our memories.


2. The Toga Party in “Animal House”

In the world of college parties, this is the ultimate frat party – some would even say it’s the party by which all other college movie parties must be measured – and it looks like too much fun for us to resist. Wrapped in bed sheets and getting down to a live band, every single person at this party is having the time of their life. A simple theme and a partying attitude is all it took to throw together this unforgettable house party. Forget fancy drinks (a cold bottle of beer will do) and posh food, this party is about just one thing: fun.

Party Planning Takeaway: Attitude is everything.

You don’t need a bunch of money or a fancy theme to throw the party of the year. This momentous occasion required nothing more than a few strategically tied sheets and the desire to have a good time. Don’t let planning get in the way of the true purpose of a party – to enjoy yourself.


1. Every Single Party in “The Great Gatsby”

When it comes to movie parties, nobody does it better than Gatsby. Forget the Capitol and even Hogwarts’ magic, because Gatsby’s unending displays of decadence and debauchery top them all. In Gatsby’s world you can walk straight from the roulette table to the beach and your champagne glass is never empty. There are literally people swinging from the chandeliers. Even if we had to crash it, we’d take great pains to get a firsthand glimpse at the gorgeous Gatsby extravagance that leaves us dazed, dazzled, and dying for more.

Party Planning Takeaway: More is more. 

Parties are not the time for restraint. Take a hint from Gatsby, and lavish your guests with glitz, glamour, and all the trappings of Jazz Age extravagance. Lush, luxurious surroundings instantly upgrade an event – no matter what the occasion.


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Did our list of fabulous movie parties include your favorite? Let us know if you agree with our list and tell us if we missed a screen party that you dream of crashing.

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