One of our favorite stage designs was the 2015 Academy Awards aka the Oscars! Do you remember that impressive stage? Have you ever seen the photos of the stage? It was spectacular! It featured a trend that is still popular right now…Vintage Edison Style Bulbs. Thousands of bulbs were hung around the proscenium of the stage and were layered all the way back to create a visually stunning look. They were also layered into many of the stages and set pieces that moved and changed through the show and even were used as the backdrop during Adam Levine’s performance. It made for a truly remarkable set design that stole the show.


We have recently added some rental items to our inventory that feature these Vintage Edison Style Bulbs.  The first item is our new Edison Bulb Chandeliers. Constructed out of solid dark stained hardwood, these 48″ wide by 48″ deep squares have 24 bulbs that hang down at staggered heights. These perfectly compliment any number of spaces and event themes and provided a nice, ambient amber light. Our second item is an Edison Bulb Wall.  Featuring several different styles of bulbs hung at staggered heights, this eye-catching wall is a great way to add a focal point to any room or stage and is a stylish way to divide a space.  And when paired with our new Bronze Sheer Drape, it helps softens and adds another layer to the look.  The Edison Bulb Wall is available in various heights and widths.

  Edison Style Bulb Chandelier 1  Edison Bulb Wall 1  Edison Bulb Wall 2

 Looking for this Edison style for your next event? We’ve got you covered!

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We love hosting events where we can see the attendees having a good time! One of our favorite tools? Interactive event rentals! Our most recent client wanted the guests and attendants to interact with each other and be engaged through out the whole event. We accomplished this by providing chalk walls, arcade games. pool tables, and drawing tables. This encouraged guests to mingle and have fun with each other.

  IMG_3412  IMG_3396Interactive Event   IMG_3399

We also paired all of the interactive elements with our Lounge Furniture and LED Hi Boys to help complete the look.  These provided the guest areas to relax and visit with each other.  To all of the LED Hi Boys and LED Towers we added graphics with the companies branding.

IMG_3415  IMG_3409  IMG_3404

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