10 Year Anniversary | Creating In The Event

In The Event | 10 Year Anniversary

10 Year Anniversary | Creating In The Event

It’s our 10 year anniversary and we’re celebrating with some of our favorite memories. We’re kicking things off with the story of how GayLyn, our co-founder, launched In The Event! 

Robert & GayLyn | 10 Year AnniversaryDuring her time in Las Vegas, GayLyn LaSpina owned and operated her own company that provided interior design for private clients and homes. When GayLyn and her husband Robert made the decision to return to Salt Lake City, she realized that the events scene that Robert was involved in was in desperate need of professional designers to accompany the technical skills and equipment currently being advanced in the industry. It was after this realization that GayLyn decided to start In The Event. Her mission was to combine the world of event technology and planning with professional interior design, providing clients with the best and most comprehensive approach to their event.

Utilizing Robert’s background in live event production and her skills as an interior designer, they set out to change the atmosphere of events in Utah. They started with small and local events, helping with anything from florals to layouts and event management. It wasn’t long before their dedication to producing amazing events led them to larger clients and bigger shows, and within three years, they had added a second warehouse of event rentals and doubled their business revenue.

“Starting this company began as a way for me to continue utilizing my industry knowledge but has become so much more. We didn’t know it at the time, but we’ve really been able to revolutionize the entire industry of events in Utah, and can already see more and more businesses and conventions looking to produce events here because they know that now there is large-scale and professional infrastructure to support them.”


After 10 years of producing events, In The Event continues to lead the region in professional event design, technology, and production. Throughout the week we’ll be featuring some of our favorite events from past years, business milestones, and more to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary. To read more about our company and its co-founders, head to our About page!


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